Where to Buy Abstract Paintings: The Best Galleries and Online Retailers

The Starry Night Painting by Vincent van Gogh

The Starry Night Painting by Vincent van Gogh


Abstract art has a unique way of captivating the human imagination. With its bold colors, intricate patterns, and the ability to provoke emotion and thought, abstract paintings have become increasingly popular in modern interior design and as collectors' items. If you're on the hunt for captivating abstract artwork to adorn your home or add to your collection, you're in the right place. In this guide, we will explore the world of abstract art and provide insights into the best places to purchase these intriguing pieces, both in galleries and online. Whether you're a seasoned art connoisseur or just beginning your journey into the world of art appreciation, you'll find valuable information on where to buy abstract paintings that suit your style and budget.

1. Online Art Galleries: A World of Abstract Art Awaits

In today's digital age, the internet has opened up an exciting world of possibilities for art enthusiasts. Online art galleries have made it easier than ever to discover, purchase, and enjoy abstract art from talented artists all over the globe. Let's delve into some of the top online platforms that cater to those seeking abstract art:

a. Saatchi Art - www.saatchiart.com

Abstract paintings for sale are abundant on Saatchi Art, one of the premier online platforms for buying and selling contemporary art. With a vast selection of abstract works in various styles, sizes, and price ranges, this platform connects you directly with artists, making it an excellent choice for art lovers looking to support emerging talent.

b. Artsy - www.artsy.net

Best places to buy abstract art often include Artsy. This platform boasts an extensive collection of abstract artworks from established galleries and emerging artists. Artsy's user-friendly interface and comprehensive search options make it easy to discover the perfect abstract piece to complement your space.

c. Etsy - www.etsy.com

While known for handmade crafts, Etsy also offers a wide range of contemporary abstract art. Here, you'll find unique and affordable abstract paintings, often from independent artists. It's an excellent choice if you're looking for something distinctive and crafted with care.

d. Amazon Art - www.amazon.com/art

Amazon, the global e-commerce giant, has ventured into the art world with abstract art online. While you may not associate Amazon with art, their platform hosts a variety of abstract pieces, making it a convenient option for art buyers seeking diversity and competitive pricing.

2. Top Galleries for In-Person Art Experiences

If you prefer to see and feel the art in person before making a purchase, visiting galleries can be a rewarding experience. Here are some renowned galleries known for their impressive collections of abstract art:

a. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) - New York City

MoMA is a world-famous institution that houses a vast collection of modern abstract art. With works by iconic artists like Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko, MoMA is a must-visit destination for art enthusiasts seeking a firsthand experience with abstract masterpieces.

b. Tate Modern - London

For those across the pond, the Tate Modern in London is a treasure trove of contemporary abstract art. The museum's striking architecture serves as the backdrop for a diverse collection of abstract works that will leave you inspired and amazed.

c. Guggenheim Museum - Bilbao

The Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, is not only an architectural marvel but also home to an impressive collection of original abstract art. This museum provides a unique space to explore the evolution of abstract art over the years.

d. Centre Pompidou - Paris

France's Centre Pompidou is a hub for contemporary art, including abstract art online. The museum's cutting-edge approach to art curation ensures that you'll encounter some of the most innovative and thought-provoking abstract artworks.

3. Affordable Abstract Art Options

While some abstract paintings can fetch exorbitant prices at auction houses, there are plenty of opportunities to acquire affordable abstract art. Here are some tips for finding budget-friendly options:

a. Emerging Artists

Supporting emerging artists (as mentioned above) can be a great way to acquire affordable abstract art. These artists often price their works more reasonably than established names, making it a win-win situation for both parties.

b. Student Exhibitions

Check out local art schools and universities for modern abstract art for sale. Student exhibitions can be a goldmine for discovering fresh talent and affordable artworks.

c. Online Auctions

Websites like eBay and Heritage Auctions regularly feature original abstract art for auction. Keep an eye on these platforms, and you may stumble upon a hidden gem at a competitive price.

4. Tips for Buying Abstract Art

Before you embark on your abstract art-buying journey, consider these essential tips to ensure you make informed decisions:

a. Define Your Style

Understanding your personal taste in abstract art online is crucial. Are you drawn to bold, vibrant colors or subtle, minimalist compositions? Knowing your preferences will help you narrow down your choices.

b. Research Artists

Take the time to research the artists whose work appeals to you. Learn about their background, influences, and artistic journey. This insight can deepen your appreciation for their art.

c. Set a Budget

Whether you're looking for affordable abstract paintings or willing to invest more, establish a budget. This will prevent impulse purchases and ensure you stay within your financial comfort zone.

d. Ask Questions

When purchasing from galleries or directly from artists, don't hesitate to ask questions. Inquire about the inspiration behind the artwork, the materials used, and whether a certificate of authenticity is provided.

e. Trust Your Instincts

Ultimately, buying abstract art is a personal journey. Trust your instincts and choose pieces that resonate with you emotionally and intellectually.


The world of abstract art is rich, diverse, and waiting to be explored. Whether you're browsing online art galleries from the comfort of your home or visiting renowned galleries in person, there are countless opportunities to discover abstract artworks that speak to you. From emerging artists to established masters, the options are as varied as the abstract art itself.

Remember that buying abstract art is a deeply personal experience. Take your time, do your research, and let your passion for art guide you in selecting the perfect pieces to adorn your living spaces and enrich your life. Whether you're seeking an investment or simply a piece that resonates with your soul, the world of abstract art is ready to inspire and captivate you.


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